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International travel, and travel within the fifty United States of America, is something I've been fortunate enough to have experienced.  

I have traveled internationally and to United States territories as follows:

(Links to "CIA-WF" are to the corresponding information in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency's World Factbook.)

Summary of international trips

1986: Bahamas (Two stops during cruise from Miami, Florida)
1988: Mexico (Acapulco; Pennzoil trip)
1989: Germany, Austria, United Kingdom (Sun Oil trip with added visit to London)
1991: Hong Kong, Macao, China (Zerex trip)
1993: Australia, New Zealand
1994: Canada (Vancouver; Departure point for inside-passage cruise)
1994: United Kingdom (with Art Rowley)
1997: Bahamas
2000: Mexico (Cabo San Lucas; AIOD presentation)
2000: Canada (Banff; Pennzoil trip)
2002: Cayman Islands
2002: Puerto Rico
2002: China (Shanghai University study program)
2003: Saint John, Saint Thomas, Sint Maarten, Saint Martin (Stops during Disney cruise)
2003: Greece, Italy, Holy See
2004: Poland, Germany (SVSU student trip)
2005: Brazil, Argentina
2005: Italy, Holy See, France, United Kingdom (with Carleigh)
2006: Russia (with Carleigh)
2007: Spain, Portugal (with Carleigh)
2009: Aruba
2009: Dominican Republic
2012: Canada (Cambridge and Niagara Falls, with Camren)
2013: Jamaica (with Tracy)
2013: France, Spain (with Tracy; Samson trip)
2013-2014: France, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland (with Carleigh and Camren)

2014: Turks and Caicos Islands (with Tracy)
2015: Barbados, The Grenadines (with Tracy)
2015: France, Monaco (with Tracy)
2015: Canada (Cambridge and Niagara Falls, with Camren and Tracy)
2016: Saint Lucia, Martinique (with Tracy)
2017: Antigua, Barbuda (with Tracy)
2017: Italy, Holy See (with Tracy)
2018: Grenada (with Tracy)
2018: United Kingdom - England and Wales (with Tracy)
2019: French Polynesia (Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora, with Tracy)
2019: Canada (Niagara Falls, with Camren, on the way to New York)
2020: Saint Kitts and Nevis (with Tracy)
2020: Saint Thomas, Saint John, Water Island, Saint Croix (with Tracy)
2021: Saint Thomas (with Tracy)
2023: Panama (study group), Mexico (Rivera Mayakoba; Summit Insurance)
2023: Saint John (with Tracy)
2023: Costa Rica (with Camren and travel group)
2023: Canada (Victoria British Columbia; Summit Insurance)
2023: Sint Maarten, Saint Martin, Saint Barthelemy (with Tracy)
2024: Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman with Tracy; Summit Insurance)

Featured item

This is from the Bay City Tall Ships Festival July 2013. I am with my daughter and my son.

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Michigan USA

This is from June 2014. Pictured with me is Tracy (my girlfriend at the time of the picture, now my spouse) along with Samantha and Katie.

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Michigan USA